We’re Taking Patient Safety to a Whole New Level!

My patients and staff members go home to their kids every evening. I have 3 children of my own. So believe me when I say that, at our office, Patient Safety is the absolute top priority.

You’ll be pleased to know that we operate using the best current infection prevention protocols and technologies. There are 3 main avenues for ensuring patient safety in the Dental Office: Person-to-Person Barriers, Surface Sterilization and Air Disinfection. Rest assured, we meet and exceed Public Health standards in every category.


When I’m treating a patient, I use top-quality N95 masks, surgical gowns and a full-coverage face shield. While N95 masks are the current Gold Standard in preventing disease transmission, we take the extra step of adding an impenetrable barrier face shield over top. The added layers of infection control ensure the greatest safety for our patients.

Surface Disinfection

We spray down and scrub all operatory and front desk surfaces sterile between patients using the highest quality, medical-grade Germicidals. Many of us take chances daily at grocery stores, gas stations and in other commercial/retail locations because their disinfection of surfaces is either infrequent or non-existent. You don’t need to have the same worries when you’re with us because we disinfect everything around you upon your arrival.

When you’re in our office, your safety is our utmost priority.

Surgically Clean Air

We have furnished our office with highest quality Air Purification technology available. These purification units are continuously scrubbing the surrounding air clean using the best medical-grade HEPA filters on the market. In fact, our North American made Air Purifiers are the same units being trusted to keep people safe in Hospital Rooms and Surgical Operatories across Canada. When Medical Experts are counting on a sterile environment to ensure their own safety, they turn to the very same technology used in our Dental Office.

surgically clean air Kitchener

Additional Safety Measures

We are currently screening all individuals that enter our office to maximize your safety. As part of our safety screening, we take the temperature of anybody entering our office with a touchless thermometer. Our thermometer, is 100% non-contact and can provide a temperature readout in under 1 second. Lastly, we have added barriers around our treatment areas to eliminate movement of air between operatories.

If you have any questions about the safety protocols in place at our office, please e-mail me directly at info@enamelrepublic.com. I’d be happy to arrange a chat with you via phone so that I can answer your questions!

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