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Meet Our Team

In an industry known for high turnover, our Enamel Republic Team has stayed together for over 15 years.
We understand that, when it comes to your health, you can’t put a price tag on continuity and familiarity. Having a committed and energized team to support you and provide transparent and trustworthy treatment will always be the Gold Standard in Dental Care. 

We are proud of the fact that the core of our team has remained intact for over 15 years!

Dr. Kyle Hornby took ownership of the office in 2015. We have grown in leaps and bounds since then. With over 500 new patients joining our office each year, we have added to our wonderful team and expanded hours to accommodate demand. We have managed to do this all while maintaining the small office atmosphere and personalized care that you deserve.

At Enamel Republic, we offer much more than just a catchy name: we are a team of real people who care. We don’t lecture, we listen. And we build the type of relationship with you and your family where you feel in control of your Dental Care. 

No high-pressure sales tactics and no frills. Just transparency and the high-calibre treatment you deserve. 

We bring lots of energy to the office each day and we’re confident that our down-to-earth, informal approach will keep you and your children at ease.

Everything starts with the right team!


Sarah has been providing gentle and exquisitely thorough dental cleanings at our downtown Kitchener Dental Clinic for 15 years. Sarah communicates gently with patients while motivating them toward improved oral hygiene and home care routines and she is always eager to provide a detailed answer in response to a patient’s question. If a good conversation helps you through your dental appointments, Sarah always enjoys talking to patients about their upcoming vacation or previous travel destinations.


Liz has been a member of the Enamel Republic team for over 20 years! As our Dental Assistant, she works with me to provide dental treatment and care to patients of all ages. Liz loves spending time getting to know patients, chatting with them and keeping them relaxed while they’re in our treatment chair. She enjoys kids and has a calming way of walking them through treatment.


Cassandra has been the face of our Kitchener Dental Office for over 15 years. If you are booking appointments, trying to decipher insurance information, or just need to calm your nerves, Cassandra is there for you. She has an energetic personality, and has a wonderful ability to make anxious patients laugh(and relax).


Aura joined our team in 2016 and she is our gentle educator. Patients love how genuinely Aura cares about their teeth, gums and overall health. She is unbelievably dedicated in encouraging children to improve their oral homecare routines. We are very happy to have Aura as part of our team!
Enjoy a fresh start.
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With our convenient location, we truly are The best Dentist near Kitchener! Our Dental Clinic Team proudly provides excellent dental care to families and individuals from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Breslau and other nearby communities. Emergency dental care is available upon request!


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