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Our Story

(We were formerly Danube Dental Clinic but now operate under the name Enamel Republic Family Dentistry. Dr. Kyle Hornby is still sole owner at the office and our team remains exactly the same!)

We are Proud to be Unique.

After practicing as an Associate Dentist for almost 4 years, I took ownership of Enamel Republic (previously Danube Dental Clinic) in 2015.  We have been serving greater Kitchener-Waterloo area families from our Downtown Kitchener Dental Clinic for over 40 years.  Our office has a legacy of trusted and honest service and I am proud to be the sole owner and operator at the practice.  When I took over the office, I had a chance to think about how dentistry is marketed and delivered in North America.  I had the privilege to think about how I wanted to deliver dentistry to my patients.  I had a golden opportunity to do things differently.

A lot has changed in the dental world since our office opened over 40 years ago.  Dentistry has seen a massive increase in marketing efforts in the past 10 years.  Statistics demonstrate a significant increase in per-person spending on Dentistry services and much of this increase is attributable to the rise in popularity of elective cosmetic dentistry.  Additionally, corporate ownership of dental offices is increasing steadily.  At these offices, you are more likely to be assessed and treated by a dentist with no ownership stake in the practice.  This is important because they are more likely to practice at that office transiently and you are likely to see many different faces acting as your dentist over time.  At my office, my team and I get to know the patients who come to visit us extremely well.  Many of our team members have worked at the office for 15-plus years! Our patients like seeing the same faces smiling back at them every time they come for a visit. 

I like to listen to my patients about what things are important to them.  When I ask my patients about their past dental experiences with other dental offices, some of them note that:

  • It was difficult to know what elements of a treatment plan were absolutely necessary for function rather than esthetics
  • X-rays and other supporting photos or images were not commonly disclosed or reviewed with them
  • They saw a different dentist at every cleaning and check-up appointment
  • They felt pressured to proceed with the presented treatment plan
  • Treatments were presented and explained by an office manager or salesperson and not their dentist

At my office, we are crystal clear about why treatment is necessary.  I never initiate discussion about elective cosmetic treatment unless the subject is broached by a patient.  I review all x-rays and take many intraoral photographs to share with you.  If we repair a cavity, for example, I review any supporting x-rays and photographs clearly demonstrating dental decay. 

At our office, we believe in earned trust, not assumed trust.

My team and I take a no-pressure approach to dentistry.  We present treatment options, monetary costs, timelines, and pros/cons associated with each.  Prognosis or a prediction of outcome or longevity given a particular treatment is critically important.  If I think something is expensive and will last you only a short time, I will let you know.  If there is a way that you can receive less treatment overall and pay less to deliver an outstanding result, I will let you know.  If you are my patient, I consider you a friend and I will do my utmost to deliver high quality, honest, informative and transparent dental care for as long as you come to see me.  You deserve at least that from your Family Dentist.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope that you will choose us as your family dental practice.


Enjoy a fresh start.
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