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Community Involvement

The “Go Girls!” Program

At Enamel Republic, we love the community that we serve and the families that we treat. It is one of our greatest rewards to be able to work with local charities and initiatives for the betterment of Waterloo region. As a Kitchener Dentist & Owner of our Kitchener Dental Clinic, I can let the things that matter to me most influence which causes we support and shape how we support our community.


I was raised by my Mother and I am blessed to have a wonderful and strong-willed daughter, Raya. Because of them, I understand why we should strive to support strong, assertive, independent women in our world. There are many great initiatives within our region that support freedom and opportunity for young women. They allow young girls greater access to development opportunities that were historically unavailable to women. I started our “Go Girls!” program as a means of channelling financial support to many of these local initiatives. Here are just a couple of the local causes that we support:

The WiSTEM (Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative at the University of Waterloo. This program empowers young women with skills and ideas to become forward thinking, highly motivated, leaders in the STEM fields. Through WiSTEM, young girls have access to camps and workshops that provide training in Computer Programming, Materials Science, Ecology and Agriculture, Mechanical Engineering, and many other topics. The program also organizes social events so that young women and teenagers interested in the STEM subjects can get together to talk, share ideas, and build camaraderie.

Marillac Place. This care centre provides a home and full-time support to young women who are pregnant or who have a young child in their care. Marillac Place offers these young women safe accommodation, with basic life skill training, childcare guidance and educational opportunities. The program empowers young mothers with valuable life skills, enabling them to care for themselves and for their child.

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