Where do I get Emergency Dental Care?

Dr. Kyle Hornby

I am a Dentist providing Emergency Dental Services in Kitchener, ON, and each week I like to explore a question that I commonly get at my Family Dental office. This week, I'd like to discuss how best to access Emergency Dental Services in Kitchener.

"Where do I get Emergency Dental Care?"

Whether you have a regular Dentist or not, when you chip a tooth or develop a swelling and pain in your mouth, you'll want to know how to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If it's your first time dealing with a Dental Emergency you may not know who to call. Are there Dentists that specifically deal with emergencies? Or can you simply visit your Kitchener Family Dentist? Here are some useful tips for managing a dental emergency.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Common dental emergencies include:

  • A broken tooth
  • Pain in teeth or gums
  • Swelling and pus or an "abscess" of the gums
  • Trauma to the jaws or teeth
  • Broken appliances such as dental crowns, bridges, retainers or night guards

Keep in mind, however, that a dental emergency can be any observation or feeling that makes you worried there is a problem with your teeth, gums or jaw.

Who do I call for Dental Emergency Care in Kitchener?

Call your Kitchener Dentist for emergency dental care. There are no specialists that specifically treat dental emergencies. Any General or Family Dentist will be able to diagnose and treat a dental emergency.

If you don't have a regular Dentist, you can search for one online. You can use a search engine and input something like: "emergency dentist in kitchener open now". This will provide you with a list of Kitchener Dentists that will be able to see you ASAP!

How much does Emergency Dental Care cost?

Treatment for a dental emergency can vary. If your Kitchener Dentist provides a root canal treatment, it will cost more than if they provide a dental filling. The price of treatment changes slightly in an emergency situation. Here's why: There is a fee in the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) Fee Guide for an Emergency Dental Exam. This fee can range between $50 - $135, depending on how much time is take up by the exam.

For instance, if you chip a tooth, your Dentist need only look at the tooth and recognize that a filling is the necessary treatment. Alternately, a patient may experience soreness on chewing with multiple teeth on opposite sides of the mouth. Making a diagnosis here would require testing of multiple teeth and the exam would take much longer, overall.

Lastly, your Kitchener Dentist may need x-rays to properly diagnose an existing problem. Depending on the number of x-rays required you may need to pay an additional $30 - $100 for these images.

So, if you experience a Dental Emergency, call your Kitchener Dentist right away to arrange an appointment. If your regular Kitchener Dentist is closed or not available, perform a quick and efficient online search for offices that are currently open and able to accommodate you.

Hope today's read has been helpful!

By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist 

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NOTE: All information above is meant as a supplement to specific diagnosis and advice to be dispensed by your Kitchener Family Dentist. The information should not be used or applied in place of proper examination and treatment planning with your Emergency Dentist in Kitchener. Always seek the advice of your dentist regarding a dental condition or treatment.

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