Tooth Whitening in Kitchener: Helpful Tips

Dr. Kyle Hornby

Are you looking for A Dentist that provides Tooth Whitening in Kitchener? Tooth whitening is, in fact, one of the most popular reasons why people search for a Dental Office. Believe it or not, almost 100 people search "tooth whitening in kitchener" each month on Google.

I am a Family Dentist that likes each and every one of the unique smiles that I see each day. Some of them include very straight teeth while some are not as straight. Some smiles showcase really white teeth and some showcase teeth that are more yellow. I celebrate all of the variety and prioritize a person's happiness far more than the shade of their teeth. This is why I never became a cosmetic dentist.

Tooth whitening is a safe way to brighten your teeth. People just need to be careful with whitening. Many offices use whitening as a "gateway treatment" to get patients paying more attention to the shape and alignment of their teeth. There is even research to show that post-whitening, patients are more likely to spend on other cosmetic procedures like Invisalign and Veneers. If you want brighter teeth that's great, but be careful not to scrutinize your teeth too closely.

Chances are, your smile is far more wonderful than you think it is!

How do I find a tooth whitening Dentist in Kitchener?

Many Dentists are now offering free tooth whitening to new patients. Some advertise it and others do not. I have written other posts about finding a Dentist in Kitchener that will be a good fit for you. To me, that should be your top priority. Then, if they don't advertise free whitening on their website, you can reach out and ask them if they'll whiten your teeth for free. I wouldn't recommend just picking a Dental Office on the basis of free whitening. So, choose an office you think will be your best match and then worry about whitening after that. If you're looking for free tooth whitening in Kitchener, that would be the way to go about it!

Tooth Whitening in Kitchener: Helpful Tips

Now for the really good stuff. I want people to know more about the treatments they seek for their teeth. Knowledge is everything. It helps you to set realistic expectations and it helps you to understand risks and adverse effects where present. So let's talk tooth whitening and what you need to know!

Tooth Whitening in Kitchener: Options

Generally, you have 2 options for whitening your teeth. You can either have custom trays made to hold a whitening gel against your teeth at home ("home whitening") OR you can have your teeth whitened in a dental chair under a bright light ("in-office" or "spa" whitening). You are more likely to get home whitening for free from your Dentist as many offer free whitening with a new patient examination. When you opt for in-office "spa" whitening, you are using chair time and so you usually pay for that.

Now, the most important thing to take away from this is that in-office "spa" whitening is no more effective compared to home whitening. Typically, an "activator" or "accelerator" light is used in-office. The light heats and dehydrates your teeth and dehydrated enamel looks temporarily whiter and chalkier in shade. 45 minutes after you leave the office, you've lost that extra "boost" in whiteness. All that remains is the true whitening achieved through contact with the whitening gel. And you can get the same effect at home.

Tooth Whitening in Kitchener: Safety

As I have outlined in previous posts, whitening is safe. Some of the components of whitening gels can be cytotoxic or harmful to our body's cells in high concentrations or for prolonged exposures. The key is, control the gel and keep it off your gums as much as possible to minimize absorption. One study showed no adverse effects of whitening on patients that used whitening gels for several consecutive months. And, typically, you would home-whiten for only 1-2 weeks.

All whitening systems work through the action of peroxides, typically Carbamide Peroxide. When Carbamide Peroxide hits your saliva, you get a safe reaction which produces molecular oxygen. Molecular oxygen moves into and through your enamel displacing stain particles. Once the stain particles are gone, your teeth appear much whiter. Do you remember those old carpet cleaner commercials touting "the power of molecular oxygen"? Well, tooth whitening gels work the same way!

Tooth Whitening in Kitchener: Sensitivity

Whitening your teeth will temporarily make your teeth more sensitive. They will be more sensitive to cold. They will be more sensitive to acidic things (think orange juice or red wine). Your teeth return to normal roughly a week after whitening. The increase in sensitivity does not reflect any damage to your teeth as a result of whitening.

What I recommend to my patients is that, 2-3 weeks prior to whitening, they switch over to using an anti-sensitivity toothpaste such as Sensodyne. All of the anti-sensitivity toothpastes contain potassium nitrate, a sedative or calming agent for the nerve in your teeth. If you get ahead of the sensitivity that comes with whitening, you'll be much more comfortable through the process. If you start using Sensodyne after you've started whitening, you won't get the same effect and you'll be less comfortable overall.


Tooth whitening has become one of the most sought after cosmetic dental treatments. Whitening is safe for your teeth but don't let it lead you toward scrutinizing the look, shape and alignment of your teeth. Love your smile. If you want to brighten it safely, then whiten. Both "at-home" and "in-office" whitening work the same way using the same chemistry and both techniques are equally effective. Whitening will cause your teeth to become temporarily more sensitive. Use an anti-sensitivity toothpaste in advance of whitening to minimize overall sensitivity during whitening.

Best of luck with your tooth whitening experience!

By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist / Dentist Near Me

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