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Kitchener Dentist Files: Crowns Vs. Fillings

As a Kitchener Dentist, I see at least 2 patients each day to repair a broken tooth. Often, I will hear a request like, “use your best cement!” or “make sure to make it’s really strong!”. People want durable solutions and they deserve durable solutions. In some cases, however, a simple filling won’t hold up even in the short term. So, let’s explore what crowns and fillings are and when each is necessary for a reliable treatment outcome.

Kitchener Dentist Files: When are dental fillings sufficient?

Dental fillings are a bonded, white material that replaces tooth structure lost to decay or a “cavity”. When you have a cavity involving 1 to 3 surfaces or “walls” of your tooth, a filling can generally provide a durable long-term solution. Keep in mind that fillings have an average longevity of 10-15 years and require repair or replacement on occasion. Ask your Kitchener Dentist about longevity you can expect with your dental fillings.

Kitchener Dentist Files: When is a crown necessary?

A Dental Crown is a “helmet” or “cap” made of either metal or porcelain that protects a weak or damaged tooth. A Dental Crown is necessary when a simple filling repair will break in the short term. There are 3 main circumstances requiring a dental crown:

  1. A cusp or wall breaks on your tooth.
  2. Your tooth has been root canal treated.
  3. You have a cracked tooth that is likely to split.


Dental fillings are suitable for repairing most small to mid-sized cavities and small chips or defects. When cusps or walls break on a tooth, a dental crown is the solution of choice for long-term success. To find out about repair options and prognosis for a broken tooth, ask your Kitchener Dentist for restorative options and related costs.

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By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist

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This article is meant to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Accordingly, always seek the advice of your Kitchener Dentist or other healthcare provider regarding a dental condition or treatment.

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