How do I make Dental Freezing wear off faster?

Dr. Kyle Hornby

"How do I make dental freezing wear off faster?". We get this question from our patients from time to time. Most people realize that numbness makes painless treatment easy to achieve. However, sitting around for 1-2 hours waiting to eat and feel normal again is no fun. So what can be done?

Oraverse: Reversal of Local Anesthetic Action

Oraverse is a local anesthetic reversal agent. It reverses dental freezing. However, Oraverse is not an instant solution. If you refer to their general information page, you will see that Oraverse simply accelerates a return to normal sensation. It's important to keep in mind, that it can still take an extended period of time before you are back to normal sensation after dental work.

How do I make Dental Freezing wear off faster?

Another option is to have minor treatment like repair of shallow cavities completed without local anesthetic altogether. This may sound crazy to most people but, in fact, most shallow biting surface cavities can be repaired without pain and in the absence of local anesthetic. Ask your Kitchener Dentist if they think your cavity can be repaired comfortably without dental freezing.

The safest way to manage dental freezing and related complications like chewed lips, cheeks and other soft tissue trauma is to delay eating and drinking until local anesthetic has worn off entirely. If your child receives dental freezing, monitor them every 3-4 minutes to make sure they are not chewing their lip. Also, consider having the Dentist place a cotton roll for them to bite on. This will keep teeth separated and soft tissue safe and out of the way.

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By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist

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