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Dr. Kyle Hornby

If you're looking for an Emergency Dental Clinic in Kitchener, chances are you have broken a tooth or are experiencing pain or discomfort. Here are some quick tips for conducting a search for an Emergency Dentist in Kitchener:

Hop on your computer cell phone and head to Google. Conduct one or more of the following searches:

  • Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me. This will help you to locate a Dental Clinic in Kitchener providing emergency services. The clinic may or may not be open at the time you need it. If none of your "hits" are open, then you'll probably be willing to sacrifice proximity for a place that can see you.
  • Emergency Dental Clinic Open Now. If I search this at 8pm at night, I get a short list of Emergency Dental Clinics that are still open. This search is one of the best.
  • Emergency Dentist in Kitchener Open Now. This search combines geographic location and need for a clinic that is still open. You can rattle off a few searches quickly and you should be able to find a convenient location that can see you ASAP!

Now here's a short list of really common dental emergencies including how to relieve pain and how to increase success of treatment. (You can also find helpful information on our Tips for Managing Dental Emergencies page).

Emergency Dental Clinic Kitchener: Sensitivity/Toothache

Sudden onset sensitivity or toothache can be due to a broken tooth. It can sometimes occur in cases where the nerve of your tooth enters an unhealthy state. Make sure to book an appointment with your Family Dentist or an Emergency Dental Clinic in Kitchener. In the meantime, here's a suggestion that may provide pain relief.

Helpful Tip:  If you have a broken tooth or open cavity that is sensitive to hot/cold or is throbbing spontaneously you can use oil of cloves or “clove oil” to provide pain relief.  Simply soak a small cotton pellet or cotton swab end in the oil and hold in contact with the open cavity or fractured/broken site for 5-10 minutes.  You should begin to experience relief following 3-4 minutes of contact.  Do not use if you have a history of allergy to cloves or foods within the clove family.

Emergency Dental Clinic Kitchener: Swelling or Tooth Abscess

Tooth-related infection or an “abscessed tooth” typically presents as a “gum boil”, “bump”, or “gum pimple”.  This is often accompanied by some degree of pain on biting.  Symptoms may include deeper pain in the jaw area around one or more teeth. Again, consult your Dentist or an Emergency Dental Clinic in Kitchener as swelling can become severe and spread into facial spaces.

Helpful Tip:  If the swollen area has formed a “gum pimple” and you are unable to see a dentist immediately, you can attempt to break the pimple and encourage drainage with a mild pinch.  Often, the “gum pimple” is already draining pus and light pressure will encourage further drainage.  The main risk with tooth or gum infections and swellings is that they non-draining and continue to grow in size and advance in depth over time.

Emergency Dental Clinic Kitchener: Tooth Trauma or Lost Tooth

Sometimes teeth receive high impact trauma during sports, falls, etc.,.  This is really, really common in children when they learn to walk.  When a child receives a traumatic to their teeth, they should be examined at an Emergency Dental Clinic in Kitchener as soon as possible.  Often, the Emergency Dentist will splint the loose tooth/teeth for stabilization and healing.  When a bone is broken, a cast is commonly used to limit movement. Well, treatment of teeth following trauma is very similar.

When a baby tooth is lost during trauma it should not be placed (or "replanted") in the socket. This could lead to ankylosis, where socket bone fuses to the tooth root.  This can lead to complications when the baby tooth is due to fall out.  Specifically, ankylosis can prevent baby tooth replacement by its adult successor.

When an adult tooth receives a traumatic blow and comes out of the socket, splinting will provide stabilization. This is important so that the gums and periodontal ligament can heal properly around the tooth’s root.  In some cases, the Emergency Dentist will recommend a root canal treatment. Specifically, this treatment is necessary when an abscess forms around the root of the tooth.  You should avoid biting and/or chewing of food with the tooth/teeth.  If your adult tooth has come out of its socket, there is a chance that you can clean it and that your Dentist can replant it.  The Dentist at an Emergency Dental Clinic in Kitchener will evaluate the likelihood of success with replantation. 

How can you help in the event that your adult tooth is knocked loose from its socket?

Helpful Tip:  Rinse the adult tooth thoroughly, and place in a sealed container of either Ringer’s Lactate or Ringer’s Saline solution, Milk, or Tender Coconut Water.  Call our office immediately.  Bring the tooth stored in this way to your dental appointment with us.  We will evaluate the prognosis for replantation.  Prior to replantation, Dr. Hornby will properly clean, debride and sterilize the tooth socket to maximize the success of replantation.

By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist 

If you need to book an emergency dental appointment, please give us a call at (519) 576-8160.

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NOTE: All information above is meant as a supplement to specific diagnosis and advice to be dispensed by your Kitchener Family Dentist. The information should not be used or applied in place of proper examination and treatment planning with your Emergency Dentist in Kitchener. Always seek the advice of your dentist regarding a dental condition or treatment.

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