Dentures in Kitchener: How often do dentures need to be relined?

Dr. Kyle Hornby

I have been providing dentures in Kitchener for the past 8 years. We complete a lot of denture cases at our office and I really enjoy the challenge of delivering a denture that exceeds someone's expectations. I have also learned that there are a lot of misconceptions about dentures out there. Often times, a patient was given information that was designed to sell them more treatment. So let's address the question about denture reline frequency together. First, I'll explain what a denture reline is and what it does...then I'll discuss how often you want to reline your denture.

Dentures in Kitchener: What does a reline accomplish?

When your Kitchener Dentist relines your denture, they apply a putty to the underside and seat it in place in the mouth. The idea is, the putty fills in any gaps that have developed over time. Gaps between a denture and your gums contribute to poorer suction and "hold". Dentures can become loose as a result.

Your Family Dentist will then send your denture with the putty attachment to a denture laboratory where they convert the putty to durable pink acrylic. You can typically have your Denture back within 6-8 hours. The reline will help to re-adapt the denture to your mouth, increasing suction and improving fit.

Dentures in Kitchener: How often do dentures need to be relined?

There is no answer for this. What I mean to say is, the answer is different for everybody. I have patients who have had a denture for 20 years, the fit and suction are superior, and so they don't need a reline. Other patients lose jawbone over time, the shape of their gums changes, and the fit of their denture deteriorates more quickly. These people will show up at the office every now and again saying, "my denture has become loose again". They know they're due for a reline.

If you're dentures are staying in place when you eat and they have good suction, I'd question anybody that tells you that you need a reline. Relines (just like any dental treatment) should never be done just for the sake of doing them. They should never be done just because it has been "X" number of years since the last reline, either.

So, the good new is, your denture will let you know when it's time for a reline!

Thanks for reading today's article. If you'd like more information on Dentures, please check out my Ultimate FAQ Guide to Dentures.

By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist

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