Dental Extraction in Kitchener: 5 Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

Dr. Kyle Hornby

For many patients, having their Dentist in Kitchener recommend tooth removal will produce some anxiety. Often times, the first patient a question will ask is "is there any way that I can save my tooth?". Generally, a tooth only needs to come out if your Kitchener Dentist deems that it cannot be repaired or if keeping it will cause health problems.

So, let's explore the 5 most common reasons for dental extraction.

1. Your tooth is cracked or split.

Teeth can break or chip and be repaired. Cracking or splitting is different. When your tooth cracks or splits, there is no way to keep the pieces of tooth together reliably. Additionally, the crack can leak and allow entry of infection-causing bacteria under the gums and into the jaws.

Most commonly, patients will feel sharp pain on biting if their tooth is cracked. Dental extraction relieves this pain.

2. Your tooth is broken and there is no natural tooth structure left.

You can "fill" teeth. You can even rebuild large fractures. But, the probability of a successful outcome really depends on how much natural tooth is left. If there's nothing natural left above the gum line, then the likelihood of a successful long-term rebuild is really, really low.

The question becomes whether or not you want to spend thousands of dollars for a low-percentage chance of salvaging your tooth.

These kind of breaks or fractures are common after root canal treatment if you have not reinforced your tooth with a dental crown. Patients often do not experience any symptoms beyond the awareness that a large portion of their tooth is missing.

3. Severe gum disease.

Cavities and dental decay erode tooth structure. Gum disease or Periodontitis erodes the support for your teeth. When you lose enough gum tissue and bone around your tooth roots, they become loose. You develop deep gum pockets. Bacteria begin to gain traction further down on your tooth roots.

Over time, as teeth become more loose and patients experience more frequent gum infections and abscesses it becomes necessary to remove one or more affected teeth. The symptoms that go with this deterioration include pain, swelling and drainage of pus from the gum tissues around the tooth.

Eventually, your Dentist in Kitchener will recommend tooth extraction.

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By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist

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