Dental Crowns in Kitchener: "What is a dental crown?"

Dr. Kyle Hornby

Dentists commonly recommend dental crowns to strengthen weak teeth. To clarify, in the absence of a crown, the weak tooth is at higher risk of fracturing. A Dentist will commonly recommend a dental crown under a few circumstances:

  1. Following root canal treatment.
  2. A tooth has broken and lost a chewing cusp (cusps are the sometimes round, sometimes sharp "bumps" of enamel on back teeth).
  3. A tooth has many cracks and is likely to split.

Dental Crowns in Kitchener: How do crowns help?

A dental crown acts like a helmet to encase your weak tooth. A dental lab can make the crown from porcelain or from metal alloys, including gold. A tooth with a crown on it can withstand much greater forces before breaking. These teeth are also more fracture-resistant.

Dental Crowns in Kitchener: How much do crowns cost?

A dental crown costs roughly $1,000 - $1,200. This varies with the material that a dental lab uses to make your crown. If you have dental insurance, they may cover dental crowns. The most common dental plans that cover crown placement will do so at a 50% rate. Thus, patients often pay a $500 - $600 co-payment on a single dental crown. Where a patient and their partner both have dental benefits, their insurance may cover a dental crown at 100%. If you are pursuing dental crowns in Kitchener, reach out to your local Dentist for a cost estimate.


Dental crowns strengthen and reinforce weak teeth. Importantly, this minimizes risk of fracture and increases tooth longevity. Tooth loss and replacement is a time-consuming and expensive process. Timely placement of a necessary dental crown can prevent need for such procedures. It is important to gather cost estimates and insurance pre-determinations in advance of treatment where possible. This will help you to know what to expect cost-wise and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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If you'd like to learn even more about Dental Crowns, please visit my Definitive Guide to Dental Crowns.

By Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Family Dentist

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