4 Ways to Make Your Next Dental Cleaning More Comfortable

Dr. Kyle Hornby

Regular dental cleanings are a super-critical part of keeping your oral and overall health on point. Unfortunately, we can't reach very far under our gums with toothbrushes, floss and other tools we use at home. Over time, harmful, pro-inflammatory food debris, plaque and bacteria build up under the gums.

We see a lot of new patients and some note that they've always found dental cleanings uncomfortable. In fact, discomfort keeps a significant percentage of people from keeping on schedule with their dental cleanings. We can usually make a few simple tweaks to the dental cleaning and home care routines to maximize comfort during dental cleanings. You don't need to suffer through dental cleanings any longer!

1. Request "numbing" for your Dental Cleanings!

You can release that breath you've been holding because I'm not talking about the kind of freezing that requires needles and injections. You know that numbing gel that your Kitchener Dentist places on your gums before the dreaded injection? Well, it's pretty powerful stuff! Your Kitchener Dental Hygienist can apply a small amount of that to the gums wherever they're working and you'll immediately notice a mild numbing that eliminates discomfort during your cleaning. And, the best part? It wears off quickly so you're not numb for an hour after your appointment.

2. Start using an Anti-Sensitivity toothpaste before Dental Cleanings.

Most people have heard about products like Sensodyne or at least seen the TV commercials. Well, if you find that regular dental cleanings are a grind, consider using a desensitizing toothpaste. The toothpaste contains a mild sedative that helps to settle down tooth nerves. So, while your Dental Hygienist scrapes contaminants and bacteria from your teeth, you can relax knowing that you won't feel a thing!

3. Listen to music.

For some people, the mild sounds you hear in a Family Dental Office are unpleasant. At our office, we love chatting with our patients throughout appointments. But, we also understand that, for some, decompressing with a good musical distraction can be invaluable! Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself and let your Kitchener Dental Team know that you'd really like to listen to music during your appointment. Bring some headphones or earbuds along with your favourite songs and you'll be able to drown out the sounds that work you up during your regular cleanings.

4. Hold your own "Tryouts".

Every Dental Hygienist has their own style and their own technique. Some hygienists err on the side of being gentle but may not be comfortable doing what is necessary to provide a thorough cleaning. Others may have a technique that you find to be "a bit too much". Rest assured, there are Hygienists out there that can deliver an exquisitely thorough cleaning without you feeling a thing. If you're new to a Family Dental Clinic, try out their different Hygienists to see who you are most comfortable with. You'll increase the likelihood of finding somebody that can deliver your perfect dental cleaning!

I hope these tips will help you to improve your comfort level during Dental Cleanings.

Thank you for reading today's post!

Written by Dr. Kyle Hornby, Kitchener Dentist

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