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We are located centrally in downtown Kitchener-Waterloo and have been providing Family Dental Care to the Waterloo Region for over 40 years!

What Makes Enamel Republic a Unique Waterloo Region Dental Clinic?

Are you finding most Waterloo dental clinic websites look the same?

Most claim to be unique by offering spa-like amenities, shiny granite countertops, and organic coffee. Many cite that they're very professional and compassionate, too. Professionalism and compassion are super important, but if everybody's promising the same things, then what really sets them apart?

At Enamel Republic, we try to communicate to you what really makes us unique.

First and foremost, we prioritize transparency and patient autonomy. What does that really mean? Well, you get to see what we're looking at when we perform dental exams. We show you your x-rays and intra-oral photos so all the information's out on the table. From there, we encourage you to ask questions. It's really important to us that you understand all options and know the pros and cons associated with each to help you make the best decision for YOU. If you've ever sat through a rushed answer or, worse yet, one that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, you'll appreciate being given as much information as possible when you're with us!

Now, what's patient autonomy about?

To us, patient autonomy means supporting you regardless of the treatment decision you make. It means respecting your decision even when you choose the least expensive treatment or, in some cases, no treatment at all. If you've ever had somebody sell you on something you probably didn't feel comfortable doing, you know how valuable and refreshing autonomy is.

So, rest assured, we've got your back when you need to make complex health decisions.

Now, what else makes our approach to Family Dentistry in Waterloo unique?

Well, we want you to call us all by our first names (that's right, even our Dentist). Patients love this and helps to keep things relaxed and informal (which means less patient anxiety!).

A Waterloo Dentist You Can Call by Name!

waterloo dentist

My name is Kyle. I've always gone by Kyle. If I'm calling you by your first name, why shouldn't you be able to do the same when chatting with me?

The reason that I think this is really important is that, when patients have to call somebody Doctor there's a demanded respect and reverence that goes with that. Many people will feel like there are some questions they shouldn't ask. They'll be less likely to advocate for themselves. They won't feel like they're on a level playing field with their Waterloo Dentist.

The first name basis thing also reduces patient anxiety. It makes people feel like they're among friends when they come to see us.

So, when you come to our office, please, call me Kyle.

Waterloo Dentistry with a Function-First Approach

What's function-first Dentistry?

Many people have heard of Holistic Dentistry or Biological Dentistry. Function-first Dentistry is fundamentally different. It focuses on overall health, providing only treatment necessary for proper function and optimal health, and it's a field based soundly on available research.

A holistic Dentist is likely to recommend replacing all your silver amalgam fillings just for the sake of it. However, a Function-First Dentist will look at available peer-reviewed research while weighing replacement options. The problem is, that white or tooth-coloured fillings also contain many unnatural chemicals. They also wear down faster compared to the silver amalgam alternative. When they wear down, particles of that filling enter your saliva and you consume them.

So, the alternative to silver fillings isn't as healthy as some people might lead you to believe.

Some of the other key features of a function-first Waterloo Dentist include:

  • We focus on oral bacteria, or the oral microbiome. Bacteria are important to our health. Some cause cavities and gum disease while others inhibit these things. Generally, you want to max out the concentration of beneficial bacteria in your mouth because they keep numbers of bad bacteria low and in check. A function-first Waterloo Dentist s likely to recommend oral probiotics to help you quell bad breath and reduce tooth decay and gum inflammation.
  • We focus on sleep medicine and airway function. Tons of people grind their teeth and many do so because of poor quality sleep. One of the most common causes of poor quality, interrupted sleep, is obstructive sleep apnea from a collapsing airway. A function-first Dentist will explore this with you as dealing with sleep apnea can help to minimize or eliminate tooth grinding in many cases.
  • We only recommend treatment necessary for health (not for esthetics). If you've had an experience in the past where you weren't sure what was actually necessary for your health and proper function, you'll appreciate the function-first model of care.

So, who is function-first Dentistry a good fit for?

Well, if you're tired of being sold on things and just want to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and functioning well, function-first Dentistry is probably for you. A function-first Waterloo Dentist will take a more comprehensive approach to your oral health.

In fact, the spirit of function-first Dentistry is rooted in identifying risk factors for cavities, gum disease, tooth grinding, and poor sleep (to name a few) before they start to negatively impact your oral health.

If you're looing for a straightforward, rational approach to oral health, our function-first Waterloo Dentist might just be for you.

A Waterloo Dentist who Checks In!

waterloo dentist

At Enamel Republic, we like to check in with patients after treatment. Our Dentist spends time each week reaching out to patients personally to see how they're healing after a root canal treatment, deep filling or dental extraction.

It's a level of care that some call old-fashioned but, to us, it's just the right way to do things.

It's another way we can show our patients that we truly care.

If you're looking for a down-to-earth Waterloo Dental home that's conservative, transparent and that prioritizes patient comfort and autonomy, give us a call at (519) 576-8160 or e-mail us at [email protected]!

Enjoy a fresh start.
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